Patterns of mind



In our internal process, most impulses originate from the mind and it may offer happiness or the opposite. The course offers a lot of self-discovery and techniques. The goal of the seminar is to develop practical tools on a habitual level to recognize disturbing patterns and to annihilate them. Our patterns fall into three broad categories: patterns of perception, patterns of action and concept of reality. Read more in my Quora answers.


In our personal growth we learn to notice and distinguish activity of mind and consciously direct it:

  • what kind of impulses appear in mind

  • how to recognize them

  • how to distinguish them

  • what are the rules governing them

  • practical tools for dealing with them

  • uncovering love, conscious manifestations, and discernment


Patterns of perception

  • Three sources of perception

  • Consequences and results

  • Rules and properties

  • Reactions

  • Dynamics and statics

  • Meanings

  • Creation and annihilation

  • Base-emotion

  • Developmental path

  • Love

Patterns of action

  • Karma

  • Impulses similar to (not-)wantings and distinguishing and naming them

  • Dissolving (not-)wantings

  • Divine will and conscious manifestation

Concept of reality

  • Beliefs, meanings

  • Reality and non-reality

  • Creation

  • Skill of discernment

  • Ego: positive and negative

  • Self


For anyone interested in self-discovery, getting more conscious of oneself and growing as personality.

Expected normal metal balance/stability, no special requirements.

Young people (16+) are welcome too. The course helps to prevent and solve lots of complex situations that come up in life.


Take along with you your study-material – your problems (the more the merrier).

Every participant is responsible for herself/himself, for personal stuff and personal process.

Also, take a notebook and pen.


Each meeting takes ca 3h.

Meetings take place from September to May.

Once a month.

Summer camp is from Friday evening to Sunday noon.

Course starts in September.

The whole course is ca 60h.

Whole course takes ca 2 years.


In 2019 courses start in four regions of Estonia: Tallinn, Tartu, Põlva, and Võru.

Precise locations are yet to be found.

Please fill in the form below, so it would be possible to send precise information if there are enough people interested in your location.


During meetings, theory is intermixed with exercises and process work.

Dialog and active participation is preferred – as a form of co-creation.

Everybody has chances to find solutions for their problems.

Process work takes place in a safe and loving atmosphere.

And we are having a lot of fun too.


20€ / a meeting – in Tallinn

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First introductory meeting is for free

Ragnar Kurm

I have an interest in sciences and have graduated high school with special emphasis on mathematics and physics. Later I got a degree in IT. I have worked as an IT specialist, mentor, architect, and lead developer.

In parallel to that, I have had an interest in how the mind works. I was looking for details of how the mind works in yoga and from misc teachers. I didn't find what I was seeking for. As I was observing my mind, I discovered more and more how it functions. In detail. I found the answer from within. | +372-53268358